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Want to know more about the Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Hackathon-week? Click here for more information of the overview of what to expect.

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Click here to see the result of our latest project: A scale which was developed, to support firms with their business processes for their work routine.

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The Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Hackathon

The Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Hackathon is a response to the increasing demand of IoT (Internet-of-Things) and Industry 4.0 (i4) applications and business models in various industries.

Applications either aim to increase transparency, increase value, or to develop new services and solutions. Hence, the business side is driving the application development that is based on technology.
Examples are light barriers, RFID-technology, cameras, or temperature sensors. Light barriers, i.e. control the amount of products that pass a certain area. RFID technology, i.e., allows firms to manage access rights to buildings. Cameras can be used to monitor quality of produced goods, while temperature sensors can analyze and send warning messages in case the temperature exceed a certain level.
All use cases have in common that data is collected, stored, analyzed, and decisions are prepared or taken with a better understanding of the situation.
However, many firms lack the capabilities to either develop the business case, or to setup and implement the needed IT-infrastructure, or miss an understanding of good data analytic processes.
Therefore, we decided to train our students in that area. Besides that, not only students are invited, also firms can participate in our reception and have a look at the demonstrators.

The aims to develop real-world demonstrators that are part of the “Industry 4.0” / “Internet-of-Things”. The demonstrators are small use cases that can be – later on – combined towards a scenario.

Students can participate by sending a short application to Firms can sponsor that event; in case of interest, please send an E-Mail to tobias.engel@hs-neu-ulm to arrange a telephone conference.